Practical life

The Practical Life workshop comprises activities based on our everyday life. Children will learn how to care for themselves and their environment without the help of adults.
The activities will enable the children to achieve this goal thanks to some gestures that will be repeated –as many times as needed, and improved until they are fully mastered.

Art and crafts

This workshop finds its origin/inspiration in Arno Stern’s teaching methods. Each child will have the opportunity to experience the pleasure of creating art using paint, crayons, pastels or colouring pencils on a large wall that will be used as their canvas.
What we wish to do here is to give birth to the pleasure of discovering, trying, creating without boundaries

Science, Geography and culture area

When it comes to Geography, we will try to grasp what is far before focusing on what is near : children are citizens of the world before they are the citizens of a country. Montessory geography is a deeply human-centred geography. People don’t fight the people they know and consider…
Thanks to a map of the world and a globe we will find out about where we are and also about where our parents come from. This area, and all the other areas too, will evolve according to the Children’s needs and curiosity.

Free movement

The concept of Free or Spontaneous Movement consists in letting children evolve freely. They will voluntarily and naturally expand their motor development in a specially designed area. This freedom will give the children a feeling of fulfilment and security.

Vegetable garden

The garden and the vegetable garden will be the heart of the Maison des Enfants. It is an essential place. Human beings, whether children or grown ups need to be as close to nature as possible. Learning how to look at it,  touch it as well as experiment with it : these are the main steps on the path to becoming an eco-citizen. We will grow different sorts of plants, all of them edible of course.

The library

The library is the home to all stories or histories, true as well as imaginary… Our collection of books has been carefully selected and all our stories convey messages that are tightly connected to the lives of our little ones. We will also tell our own stories and share precious moments when speaking will be the protagonist, with or without a book.