La Maison des Enfants draws its inspiration from several alternative educational methods named after the educators who developped them : Montessori , Waldorf Steiner , Arno Stern , and also and mostly from the autonomous learning John Holt described.

The activities we will carry out at the Maison des Enfants will never be graded. However parents will be given the possibility to get acquainted with the objectives and the aims of each activity conducted in our organisation. These objectives are similar to the ones recommended by the French Ministry of Education. They can be found here. They will be used as an indication. Progress will be made according to the pace of each child and so the objectives will be achieved step by step, most probably only partially and according to every child’s needs. Our wish is to let the children express themselves as freely as possible, to let them be who they truly are and accompany them on the way to independence.

We are committed to never compelling a child to perform any activity.
Indeed children naturally know what they need to shape their personality. Unless suffering a serious condition, children are spontaneously interested in and attracted to the world around them, They are natural born explorers.

Children don’t need teachers to learn how to walk or talk. They need people who can walk or talk around them. That is what Maria Montessori called the child’s ‘Absorbent Mind’. Young children’s minds take in information and sensations from the world that surrounds them to build themselves through absorption, imitation and also because they are naturally eager to learn.
Each child has within himself a guide that leads him to carry out explorations and training activities.
Several teachers and educators have identified the major stages in the development of a child, the moments in the life of a child when he can best absorb such and such skill. A child needs to be abundantly nurtured by an environment that can provide many diverse experiences and at the same time he needs to be understood and supported in what he is going through.
No adult behaviour should interfere with the child’s accomplishment and achievement. They will take place thanks to the freedom given to the child to perform according to his own needs and to choose the activities he wants to do.

At the Maison des Enfants, indulgent and positive education lies at the heart of our teaching methods. In no way can it be associated with permissiveness.
Our rules of living together will sustain and support our principles so that everyone will be able to blossom individually as well as together in the best possible way.

We can suggest a list of relevant books and works if you are interested in this topic.

There will be a maximum of 6 children per session.