Sessions will be lead by two professional educators : a teacher and her assistant. Find out who they are :

Claire :

After receiving her degree in Special Needs Education, Claire and her husband move to Melbourne in Australia in 2009.
There Claire works in a small French-Australian kindergarten « Les Petits Parisiens » for a year.
That is how she finds out about her love for working with young children and experiencing freedom while playing.

She has been living in Vientiane since 2011. Here she has accompanied a disabled child for 3 years. She worked with him and helped him inside the French and International School Josué Hoffet in Vientiane. There she has also been responsible for after-school activities (from board games to drama together with the use and handling of electronic devices).
She simultaneously undertakes a Distance Learning course together with the university of Reunion island. She studies how to teach French as a foreign language and receives her Master’s Degree in 2015.

She gives birth to her first child in 2014 and then to her second child in 2016. It has now become clear to her that the education her children will receive should be like her, indulgent and free. That is why she has decided to open this Place of Learning – not to say school, so that other children can benefit from it as well.



Kelly is the Director of Tukata Jardin D’Enfants and the Founder of Tukata Foundation.  She has been teaching for over 10 years. A former Design major turned Early Childhood Educator, she holds her certification in Montessori Teaching for children 3-6 years old. More recently, she has pursued a course of Waldorf-Stiener education that echos her own upbringing. Her own childhood was on a small farm in Upstate, NY were days involved gardening both for family and resale, taking care of horses and pigs, maple sugaring and wild forgaing. Her own childhood is much of her inspiration for Tukata and her own children’s  education. She moved to Laos in 2009 and gave birth to her son in 2012 and her daughter in 2013. Since then, she has even more dedication to holistic education. She is delighted to assist Claire with English activities at La Maison Des Enfants and supports this as Vientiane’s first venue for holistic education for older children.